Travels in Spain, Casa Batlló in Barcelona

Batllo 7Batllo 2Batllo 5Batllo 4Batllo 6Batllo 3Batllo 1

32 responses to “Travels in Spain, Casa Batlló in Barcelona

  1. Looks like a photographer’s dream place.


  2. The architecture is amazing!


  3. My favourite is picture No 4 but the last one’s good too.


  4. Very popular as much as the Sagrada Familia from the visitors, will be there in October next.


  5. Fascinating in the details, Andrew!


  6. i love the colors and movement of lines


  7. You’re getting rather arty farty in your photos these days, no doors, windows and balconies! Walking around Chablis the other evening I found myself explaining to everyone your “collection” of such photos! From that moment onwards everyone is snapping bloody doors in the street lighting!

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  8. Some amazing pictures!!


  9. What wonderful ways to decorate buildings. I’m getting very sick of plain concrete and synthetic cladding.


  10. Looks like one could get a bit dizzy in there. 🤪


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