Travels in Spain, The Barcelona Metro

Barcelona Metro 02

Some pictures of tiles down in the Barcelona Metro.  I imagine a lot of people miss these as they rush through to make connections whilst being on the look-out for pickpockets!

Barcelona Metro 01Barcelona Metro 04 Barcelona Metro 03

34 responses to “Travels in Spain, The Barcelona Metro

  1. Beautiful! It’s wonderful to notice such details. If you spend enough time in Firenze you will notice the beautiful street art detailed on signs all over the city. One of my favorite parts of my 3 months in Firenze was finding these signs!
    🐛ISSA 🦋

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  2. It’s worth risking the pick pockets to appreciate these lovely tiles!

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  3. I think the first sun has got a touch of indigestion.

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  4. I take the airport bus into town and then walk above ground. never like undergrounds! Will the same early October there.

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  5. Love these tiles. I have not yet taken the underground in Barcelona.


  6. Do you gave dual citizenship Andrew? Are you the Ambassador for Spain for the British Isles?

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  7. These are marvelous! My favourite is the ships and moon. I just love how on some the tiles are not in a perfect grid, but more like a puzzle put together.

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  8. How beautiful! Thank you for sharing these photos with us!

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  9. Wow! So lovely ☺️ I bet you’re right about people being in a rush!


  10. Really enjoyed the post🙋thanks for sharing it😊


  11. Wow! Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed your post 🙂


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