Looking Back, France 2017

A year ago I spent a week in Northern France with family and friends.  Click on an image to scroll through the pictures…

23 responses to “Looking Back, France 2017

  1. The north is a bit blurry but ok, have family there in the Nord as well wife’ s brother.

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  2. Some good pics and it looks like a fun holiday. Did you book a chateau for so many? We have some friends who do that with two other families every year in France for around 14 of them.


  3. Good time had by all, Andrew! 🙂 🙂 Got a family holiday booked this year?


  4. Nice gallery of interesting places. Nice to see people having fun.


  5. Looks like an amazing holiday!


  6. A wonderful, varied, gallery, Andrew. French War Memorials are so inviting


  7. …..for a photographer


  8. All those pictures and not one frog to be seen!


  9. Looks like everyone having a grand time! Love the cute little blondes particularly… they seem to like posing for the camera. 😀


  10. Regardless of where one goes in France, you can’t go wrong. I loved the photos. 🙂


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