Travels in Spain, Barcelona and The Palau De La Musica

IMG_0296Palau De La Musica 02Palau De La Musica 04Palau De La Musica 03Catalan Flag Palau De La Musica

22 responses to “Travels in Spain, Barcelona and The Palau De La Musica

  1. Probably my favourite place in the whole of Barcelona. I absolutely loved it! Have you done the tour or attended a performance? 🙂 🙂 This must be your golfing week? Hope it goes well.

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  2. What a stunningly colourful place !


  3. I haven’t been to The Palau De La Musica. It looks fabulous. Next time!!


  4. Those colours! Gorgeous, especially the glass. The mismatched pillars might be ever so slightly OTT 😊.


  5. Beautiful. I missed this when I was there. I will have to go back.


  6. The pillars are a bit ‘busy’ I would think. Wouldn’t make for very restful interior decoration. Is it all tile work?


  7. That 4th picture got me,what is it exactly looks like some sort of light,


  8. Wow! I missed this when I was in Barcelona last October. (My focus was more on the Spanish Civil War.) I imagine I’ll be back there, so will be sure to see it then.


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