Holiday by The Sea and Boats


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“The sea’s curious workmanship: bottle green glass sucked smooth and porous by the waves: wood stripped and cleaned and bark swollen with salt…gnawed and rubbed: amber: bone: the sea”    Lawrence Durrell – Propero’s Cell

23 responses to “Holiday by The Sea and Boats

  1. Some of these are beautifully seen

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  2. Oh, brilliant collection! Not all from the same place?

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  3. beautiful stuff, andrew –

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  4. Reminds me a lot of where I grew up, or tried to, on the Cumbrian coast.

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  5. I love your beach debris, Andrew 🙂 🙂

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  6. What great fun! Happy colors, too.

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  7. That is a great quote to end another great post.

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  8. Great selection. The picture titled Boat 03 seems to be channelling an octopus or some form of crustacean for lagniappe, and I like the shadow picture next to it very much too.


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