Lincolnshire to Norfolk, The Journey


Click on an image to scroll through the gallery…

Never mind, this is where we were heading…

Suffolk For Sunshine

According to the UK Met Office the driest and sunniest place in all of the United Kingdom.  The sun was certainly shining today for our journey.

12 responses to “Lincolnshire to Norfolk, The Journey

  1. That looks like one of those grids Google brings up before you can comment on Blogger! Check all pictures with cars. Mind you, in this case that would be every one. Can’t escape ‘em.

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  2. We just got back. Went down via Sutton Bridge and, as usual, said we must stop and take a picture one day.
    There were a few queues during the week…


  3. What it only rains 260 days a year there?
    That bridge looks interesting to me, is it just vehicular and pedestrians or is it for trains too? Have you more shots of it?


  4. Goodness, looks like you get gridlock there, too! We just encountered a bunch making our way through Seattle. It is NOT any fun sitting there looking at all those brake lights, not moving an inch (what is that in metric?).


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