Family Holiday Memories

Mundesley 1959

In the 1950s about twenty-five million people went on holiday in England as life returned to normal after the war. Most people went by train but we were lucky because granddad had a car, an Austin 10 four-door saloon, shiny black with bug eye lights, a starting handle, pop out indicators and an interior that had the delicious smell of worn out leather upholstery, which meant that we could travel in comfort and style. Although there were not nearly so many cars on the road in the 1950s this didn’t mean that getting to the seaside was any easier.

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Kessingland Family Holiday

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16 responses to “Family Holiday Memories

  1. Skegness, Chapel St Leonards, Ingoldmells, Gibraltar Point, how wonderful we all thought it was!


  2. Colour, vs black & white….!!


  3. I commented the first time around, Andrew. But what I didn’t mention was that my grandparents lived down on the central coast of California, so our holidays were down around Sant Cruz, Carmel, and Morro Bay. Neat places. We always stayed at the grandparent’s house, so there was no camping out. Can’t imagine my mother having put up with that. 🙂 –Curt


  4. This brought a lot of memories back Andrew. For me it was Folkestone. Rattling around in the back of an Austin Cambridge. No seat belts of course. No sun lotion. I thought sandwiches were so named because they were always full of sand.


  5. Happy days! 🙂 🙂 Up to my elbows in photo albums! Enjoy Italy 🙂


  6. These are wonderful. Bet they’re full of great memories!


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