East Anglia, Poster Art of Southwold


Click on an image to scroll through the gallery…

8 responses to “East Anglia, Poster Art of Southwold

  1. Through the ages, I guess


  2. Really like the graphics, Andrew. –Curt


  3. My favorite was the Southwold Sunset Poster. So cheery and bright! But they’re all fun in their own way.


  4. Do all these seaside towns have the Rock with the name through it? Used to love that when I was a boy, along with my cockles when at the seaside, Margate or sourfend


    • I think they do Brian but I always avoid those sweet shops now. I blame all that sugar in the 50s and 60s for the state of my teeth now!

      When I worked in Sarfend (1990-95) I used to like to go to Westcliffe for the shellfish!


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