Entrance Tickets, The Cliffs of Moher

Cliffs of Moher

The road was quiet and there weren’t a great deal of traffic so I was shocked when we arrived there and found a car park that covered several hundred square metres and was completely full of cars, I couldn’t imagine where they had all come from, it was as though they had been beamed down from space.

The second shock was the admission fee which at €6 seemed excessive to me so at the pay booth we asked for four senior tickets at only €4 each and got away with it.  This was a massive shock to Kim who sulked for the next few minutes because she hadn’t been challenged and later that night she used a lot more miracle night cream than she normally does.

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Ireland Cliffs of Moher


10 responses to “Entrance Tickets, The Cliffs of Moher

  1. Beautiful and I love your senior ticket caper


  2. Touché for the senior tickets.


  3. We have similar near me but is free the wild coast of Quiberon!


  4. Ha ha, Kim would love it here always being asked to show a license to purchase wine.


  5. It’s been a while, Andrew, since anyone has challenged me on the senior ticket business! 🙂


  6. We just enjoyed two nights at a campground for $11 each (half-price for seniors.) That was our greatest expense -$22 for 5 nights on the road. Three were free! Stay tuned for our overnight adventure staying in a lava bed. That is, if I ever get caught up and finish the previous trip to Mt Rainier. 😀


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