Travels in Italy, Emilia Romagna

Emilio Remagna Preview

After the success of the previous year’s holiday to Portugal where we used the train service to travel from Lisbon to Porto with various stops upon the way we decided that we would do something similar this year and when we were making plans we decided to travel to Italy persuaded most of all by the £40 return air flights to Milan.

Our plan was to use the trains to first visit the Italian Lakes and then to travel through the Region of Emilia-Romagna and stop off at the cities of Parma, Modena and Bologna and finish at the seaside at Rimini on the Adriatic Riviera.

Travels in Italy coming soon…

8 responses to “Travels in Italy, Emilia Romagna

  1. Emilia Romagna is on my list. Looking forward to your posts

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  2. We are contemplating touring via train and enjoy your posts, Andrew. The colorful map is helpful, an excellent graphic.


  3. Modena and Bologna been there for several years now, but its been a bit over a year not back. Nice to have them close. I always fly to Bologna and rent a car or had someone take me around! Cheers


  4. Looking forward to the Italian tour.


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