Travels in Italy, Looking Back

Travels in Italy

Not surprisingly Italy is the country with the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites; it has fifty-three, seven more than Spain which has the second most sites in Europe.  I have visited half of the sites in Spain but when I reviewed the Italy list I was disappointed to find that I have been to less than a quarter.

This time in Italy I was planning to add a few more, Milan (The Last Supper), Modena and Ferrara.

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17 responses to “Travels in Italy, Looking Back

  1. Book well in advance for the Last Supper or you’ll likely not get to see it.


  2. The pasta’s almost fine . . . the pizza looks unappetizing (to me).


  3. There are some grand places, aren’t there? You and Sarsted in the back streets of Naples 😃😃


  4. I like the gondolier best


  5. The pesto and clams look amazing.


  6. Shows my ignorance that it was only when I saw the LS that I realised it was a mural and not a canvas. Perhaps we should come up with our own heritage sites that are not on Unesco’s list. I might give it a go!


  7. I’ve lately been working on an alternative list here in the states. The National Parks and more famous attractions are simply becoming too crowded to be enjoyed. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to get away from the mobs and swarms of tourists. It’s hard to imagine what some of the European attractions must be like.


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