Travels in Italy, Balconies of Milan

Milan Balcony 1

Rather sad and neglected.  In Milan balcony flowers are not a priority it seems.

Milan Balcony 2Milan Balcony 3

Except for the modern business district…

Garden in the Sky Milan

30 responses to “Travels in Italy, Balconies of Milan

  1. The last photograph is really striking. There’s almost room for a tribe of natives hunting little monkeys with blowpipes.


  2. i love the balconies!


  3. That final photo is amazing – or rather the subject matter is. It looks fabulous and unreal at the same time!


  4. Seen one balcony ….. seen em all!


  5. By the way, are you watching the current tv series about the birth of MI6 under Cecil and Walsingham?


  6. We need them today …. root out the cultural Marxist traitors 😂😂

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  7. That high rise with green everywhere is great. – But there was one in Melbourne and something went wrong and they all died. It looked absolutely dreadful for a couple of months while the tenants fought with the owners.


  8. Ha!!! They’ve neglected them indeed😁😉😘☺️maybe we should travel there and help them?
    😉Best regards from another traveller. Paulina. POLAND, ITALY is also one of my destinations……


  9. Had to stare at that last one for a bit before realizing it wasn’t an aerial shot of city streets with trees. Or perhaps I’m just tired… 😉

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  10. Love all the balconies, even the one with dead plants. It’s interesting, at the very least. Something about balconies makes me feel like it’s a special treat; a bonus to the rest of the building.

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  11. Old but beautiful …love these pictures 😍


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