Travels in Italy, Borgo San Giuliano in Rimini


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22 responses to “Travels in Italy, Borgo San Giuliano in Rimini

  1. i especially love the blue doors


  2. Lovely! 🙂 🙂 You must be ‘elsewhere’? Nipping over the border to walk in Spain today. Should be fun.


  3. Nice. I’m always interested in seeing different murals. Wakes my ambitions for learning how to draw.


  4. Do you remember the group The Doors?


  5. Your galleries are always good; this one especially so


  6. Looks my kind of place, Andrew !


  7. You’ve really done it again, Andrew. I especially like the old lady roasting chestnuts.


  8. The guy in Borgo 2 looks like he’s about to fall on his rear end. That’s a strange one, though the others were interesting. You’re finding some great stuff! I think I like the wild dude on the motorcycle! 😉


  9. Interesting photos – as ever.


  10. I think the guy in the coach is supposed to be relaxing, but he provides a new definition to the meaning of stiff! Like in rigor mortis. 🙂


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