Sunset Through Trees

Clear skies yesterday provided a good sunset in Lincolnshire…

Sunset 01Sunset 02

Leading to a hard frost this morning.

26 responses to “Sunset Through Trees

  1. I’m tempted to say that the sun is setting on Britain!


  2. The sun set on Britain, for me, when we declared war on Germany in 1914. It’s been downhill since then, until we have a parliament nowadays with absolutely no idea of putting the nation before their own selfish interests. Lovely sunset, by the way, but who’s making their getaway in that jet?

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  3. Nice sunset, and interesting discussion on politics. Sometimes I feel a bout of despair coming on.

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  4. I haven’t kept up with our troubles over here much (far too depressing), much less keep up with what you folks are up to. None of it seems at all hopeful.


  5. Pretty shots, Andrew. Clear skies mean a hard frost. Same thing here. –Curt


  6. What a great post; love it.


  7. With that vapour trail I’d say it was an RAF aircraft flying really high, commercial aircraft don’t fly high enough to leave them


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