Travels in Spain, Castles and Fortresses

Castles of Spain

Finding a castle to visit is not difficult in Spain because, according to the Official Tourist Board there just about two thousand five hundred. For comparison there are eight hundred in the United Kingdom and whilst France claims roughly five-thousand this figure includes a lot of questionable small Chateaux in that number.

My blogging Pal Brian has some interesting observations on French Chateaux and I think you might be interested to visit this post and then more of his site…

Chateau Saumur … a love-hate experience!

When or if you come back click on an image to scroll through the gallery…

22 responses to “Travels in Spain, Castles and Fortresses

  1. Lovely castles and you captured them nicely!


  2. Thanks for the marketing Andrew, should get me a few clicks. I’ve become quite cynical about European castles as you know, fine exterior architecture but little else. I do some simple research now before going near one and if I can’t find any significant or quirky historical facts ….. we drive past it. Strangely though your post made me reflect on Spain, and despite quite a lot of visits I can’t remember going to any castles, except the Alcazaba in Malaga if that counts. We sadly missed the Alhambra a couple of Christmases ago as I was unwell on the day we had tickets booked. My conclusion is that these places are a bit like a bottle of wine ….. I don’t buy because of the fancy label outside, I want to know what’s in ‘em!


  3. So how many have you visited to date? 10% yet?!!!


  4. Amazing feel of the old world with these breathtaking castles.. ❤


  5. The thing that never ceases to amaze me is that all these were built before any European – French Spanish or English ever set foot on Australia. Thanks for the tour.


  6. Im amazed there are as many as 800 castles in the UK, though every few years I find another one. 🙂


  7. I love Castles and Fotres


  8. I love your picture from Besalú 🙂


  9. Methinks the Spaniards were a more bellicose lot than our lot Andrew


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