Travels in Italy, Updated

I have got a few gaps in the map, so I will have to get travelling…

Italy Visited

16 responses to “Travels in Italy, Updated

  1. great idea.. love the pictures on the map

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  2. Corsica? I’ve never been but I believe you even get alpine forests in the mountains.


  3. That’s an impressive map! Your Spain & Portugal ones are even more crowded I bet! What app did you use to create it?


  4. OK, how about Matera?


  5. No, no, no. Can’t have gaps, Andrew. Get busy! 🙂 –Curt

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  6. Each time I clicked on the ‘map’ it got larger and larger, and then I noticed a something named “Hung”; I’m not sure if this is a place or a description of some place’s leader. he was well …..

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  7. Well, if you keep adding, we won’t see the map eventually! Great idea. How very clever of you!


  8. What a fun idea! Have you done this with other countries?


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