Travels in Spain, Trujillo in Extremadura

As we began the long journey to Castilla-La Mancha I looked in the rear view mirror and decided that I needed to find a spot for Trujillo in my list of favourite places in Spain.

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25 responses to “Travels in Spain, Trujillo in Extremadura

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  2. Is it me, or is there really a similarity between the architecture and buildings in Spain as in parts of Italy. I seem to recollect seeing some places in Florence that are strikingly similar or am I in need of a stiff drink?


  3. Nice pics of my favorite town in Extremadura. I will post an update this morning for the memories.thanks


  4. So what appealed about Trujillo, Andrew?


  5. Hiya found a new blog (although you may already know it) that you might like to explore as you prepare this year’s adventures –


  6. Beautiful places.. grandiose..


  7. Looks wonderful Andrew!


  8. Love the shot that looks like a keyhole. 🙂 🙂 Tried to comment in the gallery but it wouldn’t let me. A problem I often have 🙂


  9. Oddly your comment came up in the alerts but not in the post.
    I really liked Trujillo and we are going to squeeze it into our schedule later this year when we are in Southern Portugal. Thanks Jo.


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