Tea Towel Souvenirs, Cleethorpes in Lincolnshire

cleethorpes tea towl souvenir

I don’t understand why people go to a place like Cleethorpes for a holiday. The weather is unreliable, the sea is permanently cold and everything is expensive. Really expensive. Half an hour in the amusement arcade can take a heavy toll on the wallet, the funfair isn’t cheap, there are the pointless rides to contend with and then the donkeys. £2.50 for a five minute one hundred yard trudge up the beach hardly represents good value for money in my book.

It is surely so much better to get a cheap flight to Spain, send the children to the kids’ club and sit in the sun and drink cheap San Miguel and almost certainly spend less money.

I often feel an urge to walk across to point this out to people as they sit shivering behind a wind-break or sheltering under an umbrella being turned inside out by the wind, but of course I never do.

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24 responses to “Tea Towel Souvenirs, Cleethorpes in Lincolnshire

  1. I just feel bad for the poor donkeys.


  2. You’ve convinced me. I won’t go.


  3. I’ve been to Cleethorpes – once. Never again.


  4. I think a lot of people who have never done it before are actually frightened of taking the plunge, especially if they have never used airports or all the other apparatus of travelling abroad. They may also be frightened of dealing with foreigners whose language they can’t speak once they get there.

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  5. Which Donkey did you ride on, and how did it rate the experience?


  6. And here was I, all those years in Newark, thinking I had missed out


  7. I think we went once when we lived in Doncaster and didn’t think it worth repeating the experience!


  8. But then if you didn’t go you’d have nothing to moan about!!


  9. Goodgod an English beach with sand and not a pebble to be seen, that must bewhat they’re charging for. Sand!


  10. England and Beach with sun do not go together in my mind.. 😉


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