Favourite Places in Spain, Besalú in Catalonia

Besalu 005

Besalú is designated as a National Historic Property but it is rather small and as we were staying here for a couple of nights we thought it best not to rush around and see everything straight away.  This plan suited me just fine because it was exceptionally hot by mid-afternoon so the best place to be was in the main square under a parasol with a big glass of cool Estrella beer in a frozen glass and several plates of local specialities for lunch.

Eventually the bars and restaurants began to close down as the owners and staff cleared the tables and started to think about the afternoon siesta so we took the hint and moved off to go and explore the streets of Besalú.

Away from the medieval main square we melted into narrow alleys with cobbled streets with weathered stone buildings and balconies with terracotta pots host to effervescent flower displays, wooden doors with heavy metal hinges and rusty locks and several coats of paint attempting to conceal the damage of hundreds of years.

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28 responses to “Favourite Places in Spain, Besalú in Catalonia

  1. No people . . . my kind of place.


  2. I really like places like this too, not done much like this in Spain but your photos remind me of many villages in the Languedoc deep in South of France. Often these places are “deserted” during the heat of the day, absolutely nobody around.


  3. What a charming place! Those old stone walls look like they’d help to keep things cool. We tend to stay home during the tourist season and enjoy the respite from the masses. Looks like you do the same.


  4. More excellent photographs


  5. Doors and gateways fascinate me… great selection of photos… another place to add to my growing list of where I’d like to go in Spain!


  6. Looks a lovely small place


  7. Love the low vaulted archways..


  8. The idea of sitting under an umbrella in the sun, with a cold beer, just watching the world go by in a pretty place like that is rather appealing just now. I can’t think why.


  9. Great photos, Andrew! I could be tempted 🙂 🙂


  10. How beautiful your photographs are and your descriptions take me there.


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