It’s Nice to Feel Useful (12)

One of the things that I like to do is to take a look at the search questions that seem to bring web-surfers by the site and take a look at some of the more bizarre and unusual.

Before Google got nervous about web search findings and tightened up on sharing search results this was a lot more fun and there were a lot more to choose from, now they are few and far between but just this week I  spotted one that amused me…

“What does a postcard of the Grand Canyon look like”

I am certain that I have put some dumb questions into Google myself but surely none as daft as this!

Anyway, I visited the Grand Canyon in 1995 and as always I am keen to help so here we go…

Click on an image to scroll through the Gallery…

28 responses to “It’s Nice to Feel Useful (12)

  1. The Grand Canyon is absolutely majestic..

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  2. Nice one Andrew!

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  3. superb views – brings back memeories

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  4. You have so many postcards. Where do you keep them all? In shoe-boxes? Albums? Or stored in plastic bags in the shed? They are always good to look at. Wish I’d kept more of mine, but down-sizing ………

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  5. I have from 76 countries over 4000 of them. Stop collection a few years back when into blogging and photos. Always nice memories to have!

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  6. Will have to get there one day..

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  7. Postcards from the Edge


  8. When I’m writing i sometimes Google for the most obscure things and combinations of obscure things… I never even think about it, but I wonder what weird questions I’ve aske over the years? There’s probably somebody chuckling right now somewhere!

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  9. We’ve been there when I was still shooting film. I should scan and share those photos . . . once I settle.

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  10. My folks traveled quite a bit after they retired. Had loads of postcards. I had a bit of a collection myself, but moved a few too many times and slowly they ended up in the trash.

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  11. We visited about 10 years ago – a totally awe-inspiring view to which pictures can never do justice. Even in real life my brain found it hard to interpret what my eye was seeing.

    I started buying postcards on the first holiday I went on without my family (school trip to Germany aged 14) because I didn’t have a proper camera. Carried on for years and then chucked them all out in a fit of tidiness. I wish I hadn’t.

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  12. Recently, I have seen the search query “Where is Great Britain?”

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  13. We’ve been there when I was young, in the early 80ths, i think, it was 1984.
    I was just married and it was my first visit in USA. Grand Canyon was so faszinated and impressed and we took a helicopter tour. I like to remember it.
    Greetings from the beautiful Rhine-Highlands / Germany…


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