Favourite Places in Spain, Chinchon in Comunidad de Madrid

Chinchon 005

From Besalu in Catalonia to Chinchon in Castilla-La Mancha about four hundred and fifty miles to the south.

The Plaza is in a marvellous location with a big irregular shaped square that is used for town festivals and the occasional bullfight; it is surrounded by a hierarchical arrangement of buildings of two and three storeys with two hundred and thirty-four wooden running balconies all painted a uniform shade of green called ‘claros’ and below these shops, bars and restaurants on the ground floor all spilling out onto the pavement.

It was the location for one of the opening scenes, a bullfight as it happens, in the 1966 film, ‘Return of the Magnificent Seven’ and was also used as a location for the film ‘Around the World in Eighty Days’.

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22 responses to “Favourite Places in Spain, Chinchon in Comunidad de Madrid

  1. I love that first photo though I hope you were indoors shortly afterwards. Those clouds look very ominous indeed.


  2. Not like a Spanish town square at all. Just started to watch a modern update of The Magnificent Seven before the rugby match yesterday but not watched all of it yet. Another place though that looks like a south of France village or town.


    • Yes, quite unique this one but it makes a good stadium.

      I didn’t watch the new Magnificent Seven, even though it was a reinterpretation itself I have always considered the original western to be one of those films that should never be remade.

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  3. I love the photograph with the tower and the cultivated fields below it. Excellent composition!


  4. Classic Castilian town and try Anis del Mono!


  5. wow, no wonder you love it there


  6. Lovely moody sky in the header picture


  7. omg just notice Chinchon is in the comunidad de Madrid not in Castilla La Mancha! it change to Madrid community once north of the A40 road which is in Castilla La Mancha. fyi


  8. What fascinating balconies.. wow


  9. Great clouds in that first shot! We don’t often have them, but when we do… 🙂 🙂


  10. Andrew Petcher | February 11, 2019 at 9:29 am | Reply
    Yes, quite unique this one but it makes a good stadium.

    Tch! Tch! thought he’d know better!

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  11. Lovely place and beautiful pics, when I lived in Madrid I spent a lazy Saturday sipping enough anís with friends to eventually ride the donkeys they had for kids to ride around and around the plaza. Thanks for the memories XD


  12. Awesome post and lovely pictures.!!
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