Favourite Places in Spain, Antequera in Andalucia


When planning a road trip in Spain at least for one night I generally like to find a place to stay off the usual well beaten tourist trail.  I have had great success with this and in picking places like Carmona, a few miles east of Seville in Andalucía, Pedro Bernardo in the mountains of Castilla y Leon and Almagro on the Ruta de Don Quixote in Castilla-La Mancha.

I was optimistic that Antequera was going to be added to the list of good selections.

Because of geography, tradition and culture Antequera is called the heart of  Andalucía and was once considered as a suitable candidate for the regional government to be based but it eventually and inevitably lost out to Seville.

My instincts proved to be correct and I was not disappointed.

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32 responses to “Favourite Places in Spain, Antequera in Andalucia

  1. . . . I miss the Garibaldi statues . . .


  2. 954,992 hits says that you are running a risk by naming all of your favourite off-the-beaten-track places. Make sure that you keep a few back or it’ll be Cleethorpes or Chapel St Leonard’s next year.


  3. A friend of mine used to live fairly near there, but I never went…

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  4. We love Antequera. Great restaurants as well!

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  5. Another beauty, Andrew! We both agree that we couldn’t live in Spain but I’m always happy to visit. 🙂 🙂

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    • We are planning to do a few nights in Spain when we travel to Portugal next year. The itinerary is taking shape, Carvoeiro on the Algarve, Odeceixa on the west coast and then drive to Extremadura stopping on the way at Beja and Badajoz, some time in Trujillo and then return to the Algarve via Estremoz and Evora and a final few days by the sea not yet decided.

      Southern Europe weather here for the last few days and hopefully continuing through next week. Glorious blue skies. I have even mowed the lawns!


  6. outside of town is best with the wonderful Menga Dolmen! Cheers

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  7. Your ‘hidden Spain’ posts keep taking me back to my early travels in that country, and this was no exception. Forget the missing Franco statues, where have all the Black Bull statues gone from the hilltops? I have only seen one on recent trips, near Jerez I seem to remember. I’m off to Seville in March for a few days and then the mountains of Navarra in May, flying in to Biarrits and out via Bilbao.

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  8. Oops! Can’t spell Biarritz!


  9. You could write a book on Spain! Another place that I have never heard of.

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  10. Glad your hunch paid off, hope you have similar success in Portugal this September

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  11. Love that panorama shot..

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  12. Just 26 km north of the Spanish border on the Mediterranean is Port Vendre. I went there 44 years ago and I’d love you to go and have a look and tell how it looks these days.

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