Favourite Places in Spain, Ciudad Rodrigo in Castilla y Leon


Last time in my favourite places in Spain I was in the tourist town of Ronda in Andalusia in the South, today I am three hundred and fifty miles north through sun-baked Extremadura and into iron-hard Castilla y Leon.

After several hours of motoring we came to Ciudad Rodrigo, which is the last city in Spain before reaching Portugal, a fortress city built to protect the western border of the country and as we approached we could see the walled castle and its fortifications standing proud and defiant on a rocky outcrop in a commanding defensive position.

Gone now are the whitewashed Pueblos Blancos, the click of the castanets, the flash of flamenco and the swirl of the matador’s cape because there is a demarcation line in Spain roughly along the line of latitude of Madrid which divides the country in two,  to the north the environment becomes harsher, the landscape is more severe and the towns and cities are made of stone.

Click on an image to scroll to scroll through the gallery…

And some views of the Rio Agueda from our hotel room…

Ciudad Rodrigo river and bridge at nightCiudad Rodrigo in the FogCiudad Rodrigo from the Hotel Molino



22 responses to “Favourite Places in Spain, Ciudad Rodrigo in Castilla y Leon

  1. I do like deserted places . . .


  2. Looks like your spam filter not working!


  3. Another interesting, albeit deserted, place!


  4. I can see the face of a giant owl in the first photograph. It’s above the arch. Is that the reason the place is deserted? People are too scared to come in?


  5. Always awesome pics of Spain.. You do find great towns to visit..


  6. I live those three views of the bridge in different lights.


  7. Did the Portuguese come over the border much? The impression we get from this side is that it was all one way!!


  8. “That is the advantage of visiting in November when no one else goes!” We like doing the same on this side of the globe. Prices can be more reasonable, too! 😀

    Some very nice shooting here!


  9. Out of all the photos, that window fascinates me the most. Is it wrought iron? And is there something behind the glass as well as the reflections showing in it?


  10. Love that shot of the bridge through the mist.


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