Every Picture Tells A Story – Spain 1960


In the first few years of the 1960s, in the days just before and then during the Freddie Laker days of early package holidays, my grandparents visited Benidorm in Spain several times.

For people from London who had lived through the Luftwaffe blitz of the 1940s and the killer smog of the 1950s they applied for passports (which was practically unheard of for ordinary people) and set out with pale complexions on an overseas adventure and returned home with healthy Mediterranean suntans and duty free alcohol and cigarettes.

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11 responses to “Every Picture Tells A Story – Spain 1960

  1. 1959 was a wonderful summer in England but it couldn’t compete with Spain in 1960, well, not for sunshine hours, anyway.


  2. Watneys Red Barrel, now there’s a memory from your earlier post. You also mentioned a Robertson’s Golly in a comment to that post ….. are you allowed to keep that online nowadays 😂😂. Good memories again 👍


  3. Spain, Everything under the Sun! slogan of tourist org !


  4. This is an awesome post! Traveling now is so different than when they did it!


  5. They travelled then and now many live there.. 😉

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  6. it looks soo different


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