A Postcard From Sardinia

Sardinia 2015a

“This land resembles no other place. Sardinia is something else. Enchanting spaces and distances to travel – nothing finished, nothing definitive. It is like freedom itself.”  D H Lawrence – ‘Sea and Sardinia’

Cheap flight tickets are top of a long list of good reasons to travel and when we spotted some reasonably priced return flights to Sardinia it didn’t take long to make a decision to visit the second biggest island in the Mediterranean Sea (just slightly smaller than Sicily).

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21 responses to “A Postcard From Sardinia

  1. Been here once, for a day, on a cruise. Sat on the beach all day!


  2. Now I must read Lawrence


  3. When I was in the US Army as a motion picture photographer, my team and I had a job filming a missile firing from an isolated beach north on the eastern coast. We were warned there might be problems with Communist terrorists (!) – this was 1972 – so be vigilant driving the coastline. The only scary thing we saw were Carabinieri in leathers riding their Moto Guzzis, but they just scowled, no problem! (Yes, we did slow down and behave a bit better – those guys are dead serious.)

    Driving back to Cagliari, we decided to stop at a restaurant, where I had genuine (excellent and quite a change from expectations!) minestrone for the first time in my life. Hard to believe one could be so excited by a bowl of soup, but it really was that good!

    At the Hotel Jolly in Cagliariu, where we stayed till a military jet came for us a week later, I tried an unknown item on the menu, a practice I like to follow when in another country. In fact, escargot (what’s not to like? buttery, garlicky delights!), fish pizza (yes! anchovies! it was delightful and no tomatoes died to make it!), calimari (octopus or squid is quite agreeable when prepared well!), and other treats were experienced this way first, but i can tell you right now, that calf brain whatever it was in the Hotel Jolly is one thing I wouldn’t order again! Stinky cheese is another thing beyond my tolerance levbel: “If it smells like the bottom of a stable, it will taste the same” is my motto.)

    Thanks for this post on a delightful part of the world! I’d travel to Sardinia in a minute if the opportuinity arose again! It’s my favorite part of Italy, though my experience is limited to there and the northern part.

    (Oh yes, the missle firing was exceptionally boring work, biut I did catch a Soviet trawler on film while it was snooping on this NATO military exercise.)


  4. Aah, a place I hope to visit one day….


  5. Still a place to recommend? I have a fancy for Corsica. Sardinia, not so much 🙂 🙂


  6. A beautiful place. We went to Costa Smeralda in 2005. I don’t think I have ever seen sea so blue.


  7. Never been.. I must see if it has some interesting hiking trails.. 🙂


  8. I need some help on the flapping cloth display, Andrew. Was that fellow wearing cloths on his head? –Curt


  9. My home town ❤️, good post 🙏😜


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