A Postcard From Sorrento

Postcard From Sorrento.jpg

In the spring of 1976 I made arrangements for my very first trip to continental Europe and booked a Cosmos holiday to Sorrento in Italy with my girlfriend Linda.  We were due to go on the 12th June but at some point shortly before travel she fell for the charms of a reporter on the local newspaper and abruptly ended the relationship.

This created a problem because it was within the no refund period and so I was faced with the prospect of losing all my money.   I could have begged I suppose but that would have been undignified so instead we had a family crisis meeting and the solution was found when dad enthusiastically stepped in and agreed to take her place. That’s what dads are for, I would do exactly the same!

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13 responses to “A Postcard From Sorrento

  1. great pics love that pizza , my first pizzeria in NJ were folks from Sorrento! but I was still in high school then ::)


  2. Dad’s are like that!!


  3. Crisis averted!

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  4. Love your photos Andrew, you give a great glimpse of Sorrento, a place I do not know at all, looks old world and cosy.


  5. I love Sorrento been there many times. Fabulous place. Love the people too!


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