A Postcard From Northern France

France Postcard

My favourite part of all of France.

Something like ten-million British travellers arrive in Calais each year and then without looking left or right, or stopping for even a moment head for the motorways and the long drive south and in doing so they miss the treat of visiting this Anglo-neglected part of France; the Côte d’Opale is a craggy, green, undulating and often dramatic coastline stretching for eighty miles between the port towns of Calais and the Baie de la Somme and the mouth of the river.

English tourists may avoid it but it has been long prized by the French and the Belgians, who enjoy the informal seafood restaurants in fishing villages dotted along the coast and the miles of intriguing coves and sandy beaches that run all the way down this coast that looks across at the south coast of England and leaks away inland to a glorious countryside.

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26 responses to “A Postcard From Northern France

  1. Hmm . . . I seem to recall a number of these photos from other posts.

    Still nice, though.


  2. Family in thé nord yes very often neglected. Brits load up on French goods when should be seeing more.


  3. We stayed at Ambleteuse many moons ago. That was quite nice and the German gun batteries were interesting.


  4. Ah yes, CapBlanc Nez, Gris Nez, Le Touquet, Baie de la Somme….


  5. I’m one of the guilty ones, but I always flew to my house near Bergerac


  6. nice post andrew


  7. Lovely! Such a long time since I’ve been to France!


  8. Would never have thought of stopping there.. love little fishing villages.. 😉


  9. We haven’t visited France since 2008 and are beginning to think we ought to go again. We have only ever been to Normandy and Brittany as, when we were holidaying there regularly (with younger children) we didn’t want to drive too far or for too long. The Côte d’Opale looks like the kind of place we’d love!


  10. Are they actually stuffing themselves on CHIPS? In France? Do they cook there chips in butter? The French prefer butter to oil for cookingI believe


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