A Postcard From The Black Forest

Black Forest Postcard

When I was a boy my parents had an LP record by Bert Kaempfert. He was a German band leader who was quite popular in the 1960s. They liked it! One particular tune that I can remember distinctly was a jaunty little melody called ‘A walk in the Black Forest’ and inspired by the tune that is exactly what we have done several times..

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17 responses to “A Postcard From The Black Forest

  1. Bert Kaempfert ! Now you’re talking. The André Rieu of his day. Music for Pleasure. Do you remember them? Covers of all the latest hits.

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  2. I remember it too but I’ve never been there ☺🍰🍷💕

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  3. That Black Forest ear-worm will be spinning around in my head for the rest of the day.

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  4. I used to get him mixed up with Herb Alpert but I’ve probably spelled that wrong. They should have called The Forest of Dean the Black Forest!

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  5. I’ve never been in winter, but I reckon that’s the time to see it!

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  6. We spent 10 days in the Black Forest town of Triberg in 2016 where I see you also have been. We love staying in Germany!

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  7. Winter tyres on a Nissan Micra by the look of it!

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