Greek Islands, Amorgos


After walking around the village we set off back to Aegiali and came across a group of walkers who enthusiastically showed us a short cut but it was down a tricky path and they had stout leather walking shoes with knotted laces and we had inadequate sandals with synthetic soles so we ignored the advice and stuck to the road instead.

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11 responses to “Greek Islands, Amorgos

  1. When was this Andrew?


  2. I particularly like the first picture on here and the potato delivery on the original post


  3. Brought back some amazing memories. I was there in 2004 to attend a friend’s wedding.

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  4. “a walking fundamentalist zealot” I really laughed at this Andrew. I have a friend like that. Every step is recorded. –Curt

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  5. These photos bring me right back to my only trip to Greece. The combination of narrow streets and whitewashed walls and blue accents complimenting the blue sky…well, it’s a look unmatched anywhere else in my life. Oh, and the cats. I remember cats and small dogs all over the streets.


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