The National Fishing Heritage Centre in Grimsby

Ross Tiger Grimsby Fishing Heritage Museum

“Grimsby is a town that shuns the notion of heritage” – Daily Telegraph

I think this statement by the Daily Telegraph is a little unfair.  No, it is very unfair.  Grimsby is a lot like Hull and bear in mind here that the city of Hull on the opposite side of the Humber Estuary was named UK Capital of Culture for 2017 even though no one in England, except for the awarding judges that is, could really understand why except for the fact that Coventry in the West Midlands came second!

In my last post I was in Hull at the Fishing and Trawler Visitor Centre Today and today my plan was to visit the National Fishing Heritage Centre which is where I take all visitors when they come to see us in Grimsby.

It is a very fine museum run by the local council.  It recreates life in 1960s Grimsby in and around the dock area and then takes visitors on board a trawler to experience life at sea in pursuit of the cod.  It provides an insight to life in Grimsby when it was the biggest and most important fishing port in the World but as I mentioned before in a previous post this has all gone now.

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15 responses to “The National Fishing Heritage Centre in Grimsby

  1. The Telegraph can be so cruel! 🙂 🙂 Happy Saturday, Andrew!

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  2. Looks a great museum, telling as it does of the difficult and dangerous life of fishing our oceans


  3. Very unfair . . .there were 4 events in last year’s Heritage Open Days.

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  4. Looks like an interesting museum, Andrew, even though the kids found it a bit scary and smelly. (Smelly goes with fishing operations, however, and probably depends upon the nose of the beholder.) I’d never heard of the cod wars, or if I did had forgotten them. Must have been quite a sight, small fishing boats protected by large ships of war. Wonder what the cod made of that. –Curt


  5. Those characters in the museum are woncerful! What poses and expressions!


  6. Well t least it wasn’t Dagenham named capital of culture.But then we did/do(?) have the Dagenham Girl Pipers


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