Lincolnshire to Cornwall, Pub Philosophy

Somewhere along the way I spotted this sign which I thought was rather witty…

IMG_1698 (2)

Good, but not as funny as this one that I spotted a couple of years ago in Westport in Southern Ireland…

Double Espresso and a kitten

10 responses to “Lincolnshire to Cornwall, Pub Philosophy

  1. What a wonderful gift for the child of a slightly neglectful parent.

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  2. Oh, get’em supercharged!


  3. A local pub bears the legend on its outside wall welcoming dogs and saying children must be kept on leads

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  4. Definitely don’t want a new kitten.. 😉


  5. HA! and a free kitten – hysterical.

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  6. Shucks, my Pa discovered the food tax plan years ago! Particularly if I was eating ice cream.


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