Cornwall, Around Mevagissey Harbour Part 1

Mevagissey 016

After all that walking I slept especially well and when I woke at about eight o’clock and fearing the worst I immediately listened out for the wind and the rain but all was quite calm.  The only sound was the slow and satisfying rhythmic thud, thud, thud of a diesel engine taking a boat out to sea which I took to mean that if a boat was going out to sea then the gale had surely blown itself out.

Sure enough the sun was shining so I immediately took advantage of this unexpected improvement in the weather, pulled on my clothes and immediately went into the village to capture some pictures.

Mevagissey is a delightful place, the streets are narrow and twist like a corkscrew, some lanes are more like staircases than streets, most are too narrow for cars but that doesn’t stop some people trying to drive down them, there are no pavements and double yellow lines to tell people not to park even though this is surely patently obvious.  A hundred years ago or so the designers of the village were more concerned with keeping out the sea than attracting visitors.

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19 responses to “Cornwall, Around Mevagissey Harbour Part 1

  1. I really did enjoy Cornwall, when we went down there in 2005, that and Devon, I preferred being down there than up in London, London was not the London I know and grew up and worked in; I enjoyed York and Durham too.and I know why.


  2. I think we both agreed on a “slight disappointment” with Cornwall as an interesting place to visit, but you can’t fail to appreciate the light for photography around the coast and all the opportunities in the cobbled streets, the fishing boats, the houses and all the various fishing paraphernalia. Any scrumpy yet?


  3. Looks a lovely place….but is it really, with modern tourist numbers? I understand I have briefly visited age 11, but have no recollections!


  4. A telling last sentence and an excellent gallery


  5. Beautiful. I enjoyed my one holiday in Cornwall – we were near St Ives though, so didn’t see this part.


  6. Places always look more appealing in the sunshine! Looks charming.


  7. Mevagissey looks very attractive. I have only been to Cornwall once when I was a teenager with my parents. I can’t remember much about it but I’m sure it is much changed since then!


  8. It was one of my first places outside of London to visit in England.. 😉


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