Travels in Spain, Valencia and The City of Arts and Sciences

On the second day of our visit to Valencia we did the same as the second day on the previous occasion that we visited – walked to the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias and then to the beach.

It was more or less the same sort of day and you can read about it here.

Here are some new pictures – click on an image to view the Gallery..

The next time I visit Valencia I am going to go inside the exhibition halls, but today the weather was just too good to be indoors.

14 responses to “Travels in Spain, Valencia and The City of Arts and Sciences

  1. The buildings are fantastic but distressingly already showing signs of wear and tear.

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  2. I take Carmen and the markets this is so huge and modern they needed to do something in that space.

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  3. I think of Spain as being very traditional and conservative, yet they are avant garde when it comes to architecture!

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  4. That’s a beautiful side of Spain for me ❤

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  5. cephastravelworldwide

    No matter how it is I will still pay my visit to Spain one day, maybe I will solve some issues

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  6. Not nearly as pleasing as out Opera House


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