The Good Life – First Pea Crop

After I had completed the task of clearing the overgrown garden and handed it over to Kim for cultivation I retained a small plot for myself to try my hand at growing vegetables.  I have been rewarded with a first crop of peas that I have taken for mangetout.  Later I will let some develop into full peas before impatiently harvesting.

MangetoutFirst Crop 2019

28 responses to “The Good Life – First Pea Crop

  1. Flocks of sparrows descend on ours and eat the shoots and leaves. Chirpy little sods. I’ve given up with peas.


  2. Wow, what a great crop.


  3. I’d love a veggie garden.


  4. My husband had a large vegetable garden and after he died I was left with a garden full of plants but I’d no idea what they were, so I carefully watered and weeded until everything was fully grown. It was quite nice to be surprised at what came up. My favourite was digging up the potatoes and each year since I’ve said next year I will start again but I always forget until it’s too late!


  5. Fabulous 🙂

    Would you have time to pop down here and clear my patch too?!!


  6. not my field but love to eat them lol!!!

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  7. Fresh peas! Utterly wonderful things!


  8. Home grown veggies are the best..


  9. Well done, Andrew! I bet they tasted wonderful! I love fresh veg straight from the garden.


  10. I think those are salad peas that are great in stirfry just like they are. There is something very very rewarding about eating your own vegetables. If you don’t believe me look at the great look on you face.


  11. Well those peas certainly look worth having, well done young man!


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