Travels in Spain, Valencia to Alicante

I have taken this drive before but here are some new pictures…

Click on an image to scroll through the Gallery…

27 responses to “Travels in Spain, Valencia to Alicante

  1. Great photos!


  2. Always love those palms on the beach ::)


  3. Love the sculptures, especially Don Quixote.


  4. Anything with some sunshine will do.. 😉


  5. The Alicante area is the only place I’ve been to in Spain – we were staying with friends in a house up in the hills in a village near Torrevieja! Great photos – as usual!!


  6. Hi Andrew
    I did this drive the other way round on my way to Peniscola. I can’t remember exactly where but there were a few scantily dressed ‘ladies’ sat on chairs at the side of the road in front of acres of citrus groves. The Little Nurse, bless, thought they had a rotten job selling oranges in the midday heat.


  7. Where is the Don Quixote sculpture? I love it.


  8. OK Andrew, your photos have again woken a new desire to travel, but…. after everything you have said about paintings on walls I was surprised that you posted that one. I, on the other hand, thought it was magnificent.


  9. Beautiful pictures, Spain is always a good place to go


  10. Wonderful photos! Great blog! Would really appreciate it if you checked out my budding blog:


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