Yorkshire – Fountains Abbey

I like WordPress, I like the fluidity  and the ebb and flow of friendships and contacts.

I originally posted this in 2014 when I was in a completely different group of blogging pals, following and followers so I repost it here five years later.  If you have seen it before then I apologise.  Skip it and move on.

Fountains Abbey Ripon Yorkshire

This is a fabulous place. From the approach all you can see is the top of a stout tower because the Abbey was built in a deep valley of the River Skell and it is only when the path begins to dramatically drop that it is possible to grasp the immensity and grandeur of the building and to appreciate the serene beauty of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Here I am reliving my days as a churchgoing choirboy…

Benedictine Monk Fountains Abbey Yorkshire

12 responses to “Yorkshire – Fountains Abbey

  1. You look a proper dork.
    Did you know that Archbishop of Canterbury George something or other, and I had much in common, both born in 35, and lived a couple of hundred yards away, had the same schooling,
    I was meant for the cloth and saw the light, he went into the air force and saw a different one

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  2. I enjoyed reading about the abbey. By coincidence, daughter Sophie was saying only this week that we should drive over to Fountains as it’s a couple of years since we’ve been out that way.

    Just a few short miles from Ripon going back towards Harrogate is Ripley Castle. This castle has been the home of the Ingleby family for centuries. The guided tours here are well worth the money. If you haven’t visited yet then I recommend you do so.

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  3. Not been to Fountains, we took in Rievaulx and Whitby.

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  4. Thanks for posting this again. A good post should never sleep in the backroom but be brought out once in a while.

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  5. I like your Fountains Abbey post, and I like WordPress too. Thanks to it I have been able to check that we last visited Fountains in June 2012!

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  6. You just need wings.. the angel on the christmas tree.. 😉

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  7. The robe suits you! I enjoy the way communities work on WordPress, too.

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