The Good Life – Compensation

Yesterday, I shared with you the disappointing story of the lost potato crop.

Today I have better news.  This is a pea and bean harvest that we will eat later with a roast turkey dinner…

Peas and Beans

12 responses to “The Good Life – Compensation

  1. Good! Is this your first foray into veg?


  2. I adore broad beans! They don’t always like me, though 😆💕


  3. Quite agree about the taste of fresh, own grown broad beans, but I haven’t grown them for many years as they take up so much room for little return. This is my return to veg growing this year after about a 25 year gap, everything from seed, as well as borders full of different flowers from seed too. Only problem is that we are off to France on Monday and we may lose a lot as neighbours will water things but can’t “manage” them.


  4. Those do look delicious..


  5. I love shelling peas, trouble is many don’t actually make the pan because we’ve never been able to resist eating them – Delicious!
    So pleased one harvest made intact.


  6. Roast Turkey? Are English turkeys huge like the American turkeys ?
    I must admit the Yanks know a thing or two about turkeys. Only place to go to eat them is the US of A


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