Yorkshire – Harrogate, The Poshest Town in North of England


Harrogate is a nice town. It is consistently voted as one of the best places to live in the UK and in 2014 a poll of forty-thousand people found that Harrogate was the happiest place to live in the United Kingdom for the second year running. Interestingly the ten most unhappy places were all in Greater London.

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11 responses to “Yorkshire – Harrogate, The Poshest Town in North of England

  1. It’s not just Harrogate that has an expensive post code, you should try buying a house in my village! There is a two bedroom Terrace house with a small backyard that backs onto the village pub car park. it’s up for sale at £375,000. My son recently bought a similar place 12 minute drive away for £200,000 Less! In fairness his is on a street full of the same, and this one here is at the end of of a pretty lane. Still outrageous.
    Harrogate is a twenty minute drive from the end of my lane. I love it there. I prefer small shopping centres so most of my shopping is done here. My children went to school in Harrogate and they still socialise in the town.

    As with most town and city centres there is a short lull after the shops close for the day. An hour or two later and the place comes to life. Harrogate is full of restaurants and bars and is buzzing most weekends.

    Though for excellent shopping and a decent night out you cannot beat my home city of Leeds, the city centre comes alive at night, it has to, it is the home of three universities and has many international students.

    I love Knaresborough too, especially by the river and have always found Mother Shipton’s fascinating especially the petrifying well, there are many items there belonging to those who are alive and still kicking! Only just though!! I did a blog about Mother Shipton’s a year or so back, I might re-blog it. Always enjoy reading your Yorkshire articles, apologies if we don’t always agree. 😀


    • It is a bloggers job to be provocative. Thanks for the contribution.

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    • House prices are a real concern. Even here in Grimsby there seems to have been a recent surge. There are still some cheap properties but for nice houses the prices have just recently escalated. I worry about how our children will afford to buy.

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      • With our girls much older than our son and with husbands with decent jobs they were already sorted. Our much younger son still single, would never have been able to afford a deposit on his teacher’s salary if my late husband hadn’t made insurance provision for him. I don’t know how the grandchildren will afford to buy.


      • PS. My husband did this because he felt the girls had grown up during and enjoyed the financial good years, but the boy being born to older parents was not likely to enjoy the same. lifestyle.


      • We are Baby Boomers – as Harold McMillan said no one has ever had it so good!

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  2. well the town nothing to do with Harrod’s in London seems cut with the same sword lol!!!

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  3. From your description, I can surmise the reason for the different happiness levels . . . in my experience, the absence of people significantly raises my happiness levels.

    It sounded like a great place to live . . . until I read the comments and read you just happened to catch it at just the right time.


  4. pathwaysandpatinas

    Thanks for the information! My husband and I want to live in England for a few months and this location looks like a great option.


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