Yorkshire – Ripon Cathedral and Tykes on Bikes

Ripon Market Place

“I came around a corner in the road, not thinking of anything other than reaching my destination, miles to the north, in the Yorkshire Dales,  rising up ahead of me… was a gorgeous church, practically towering over me.” 

The website Britain Express awards Ripon Cathedral a Heritage rating of four out of five and we entered through the main doors and waited for a few minutes while prayers were being said and then made a rapid tour of one of the smallest cathedrals in England.

Read the full story here…


2 responses to “Yorkshire – Ripon Cathedral and Tykes on Bikes

  1. infinitysolutionsltd

    It’s really amazing !! I hope I will visit Yokshire check my blog about Nuwara Eliya: The little England you would love it too https://karuvadgraphy.wordpress.com/2019/07/09/when-to-visit-nuwara-eliya-and-what-to-see/


  2. Read your old Ripon post and agree with your review. I’m guessing you didn’t visit the old courthouse and jail, that’s about the only thing I’ve ever found interesting in Ripon.

    Yorkshire now hosts the annual Tour de Yorkshire, the spin-off from Tour de France. It’s attracts world wide attention and it’s good for our region.


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