Today in the Garden – The Shed Project

Shed Mural

Kim continues her project to brighten up the garden shed.

21 responses to “Today in the Garden – The Shed Project

  1. And very nice too!

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  2. I think Kim needs her own blog Andrew, “Have shed will paint” 👍Did you watch the cricket yesterday?


  3. And how about your vegetable project?


    • Going well, harvested beetroot, lettuce and zucchini this week. Peas and Broad Beans will be all over next week but the French and Runner Beans are coming along nicely and the tomatoes are making a really good show!

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  4. Cheerful as well as bright. I love it!


  5. I love it!! Well done.


  6. I love the shed.. what a great idea.. 😉


  7. I think that’s a really good idea. They’re pretty dull buildings normally.


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