Memorable Places – Škofja Loka in Slovenia

Škofja Loka

There was a lovely blue sky and once again the bus arrived exactly on time and we enjoyed the forty-minute journey through the picturesque countryside and arrived at an untidy little terminus at our destination.

The bus station may not have been very exciting but the little town was quite spectacular.  It is a European cultural heritage site and although there is evidence of fifty years or so of neglect there was a lot of restoration work taking place and when all of this is finished it will once again be a seriously attractive town.

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5 responses to “Memorable Places – Škofja Loka in Slovenia

  1. I visited Slovenia for the first time last year and was much impressed. Looks a fabulous place to cycle around.


  2. Quite attractive town, Andrew. Great set of photos. –Curt

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  3. One of my favourite bloggers is Slovenian (though living in Italy). She frequently visits home and the pictures, like yours, are lovely. I think I have fallen in love with Piran. Lake Bled is stunning in your photos.


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