Yorkshire – a Cornfield, a Castle and a Church

Skipsea postcard

Skipsea is only a small village in East Yorkshire but there is more to it than just the beach so after we had tidied ourselves up and shaken the sand from our sandals we walked out now towards the village with a promise to the girls of some ice cream.  Funny how a simple incentive like that can convince them to go for a long walk!

We didn’t take the direct route but instead took a coastal path through a cornfield and dangerously close to the severely eroded cliffs.

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After a rather circuitous route we made our way into the village and after some helpful advice from local children found the church and the castle.

The church was closed of course.  I remember when I was a boy on holiday with my family that churches were always open and my Dad would stop and visit them all, but it is a sad state of affairs now and a reflection on modern society that churches are mostly locked to protect themselves against theft and vandalism.

The children were beginning to nag now about when they would get their ice cream so after a quick circumnavigation of the churchyard we carried on to the castle.

Not much of a castle it has to be said, just a huge grassy mound in a farmer’s field because it was demolished over seven hundred years ago on account of having no strategic or military value.  The children were not impressed and neither I suspect was Kim.

Close by was the village shop where the girls got their ice cream and next door was a pub where I got a glass of beer.

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24 responses to “Yorkshire – a Cornfield, a Castle and a Church

  1. I do like the “Gladiator” shot . . .


  2. It’s a great pity that we have to keep our churches locked/ But what can you expect in a society where some maniac will try to kill a policeman because his van isn’t insured.


  3. Beer and icecream . . what more could you want!


  4. Following the theft of all the silverware from our village churches they are now locked too.
    The one in Otley is left open during the day I didn’t realise this until daughter Sophie told me she sometimes calls in.


  5. Unashamed bribery, if you ask me. I donated one of my books to a local church because it fitted the architecture. Since it was rather precious, they locked it up for fear of theft. That wasn’t really my idea


    • Having said that, I went to a wedding yesterday in the church in the village where I grew up and saw a notice on the door that said that the church was open all day every day. There were CCTV cameras at the door and inside!

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  6. I liked the blogpost but I didn’t like the intrusive ads. I grew up near Skipsea. The castle was always known as Drogo’s Castle or sometimes Drago’s Castle. In fact it was built upon a pre-existing Iron Age burial mound.


  7. Great shot in the cornfields..


  8. Oh, excellent…bribery by ice-cream


  9. Awesome post. Great info about the area! We enjoyed the pictures a lot!


  10. The photos of your young one in the cornfields are so delightful. Her red outfit is perfect for setting off the scene of golden grass and golden locks. My favourite photo in this post is the round hay bales lying in the field making an alien landscape. That photo is gorgeous!


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