Yorkshire, The Cornfield at Skipsea Sands

Skipsea Cornfield 01

After a hard day on the beach at Skipsea Sands we liked to end the day with a walk through the cornfield and along the cliff tops…

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31 responses to “Yorkshire, The Cornfield at Skipsea Sands

  1. A fitting end to a good day. Lovely photos.


  2. Just scrolled back a view posts and see that you’re actually there now. Skipsea would not be everyone’s choice of destination, which goes to show one can enjoy a holiday anywhere, even a well-travelled international man of leisure like you.


  3. And what a beautiful thing to do, Andrew!


  4. Gorgeous photos, Andrew!


  5. Nothing like a cornfield, especially if there are any grasshoppers or butterflies.
    A lovely first and a lovely last photograph, incidentally. I wish I were that age again!


    • That age when you were that age or that age now? Big difference!

      I was trying to recreate an old fashioned family holiday as I remembered them, a caravan, beach, ice cream, fish and chips, country walks and churches. I think they enjoyed it but they also missed the internet and so did I!


  6. Can’t beat a cliff top and a corn field, Andrew. The ladies are looking good β˜ΊπŸ’•


  7. You so right about British weather.. beach not for me but a stroll in the cornfields looks great.. πŸ˜‰


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