Thursday Doors – Vic-Sur-Aisne in Northern France

Vic-Sur-Aines France Picardy

Vic-Sur-Aisne turned out to be a rather interesting town. During the First-World-War it was almost permanently on the front line with fighting never far away. It sits equidistance between the major battle sites of the Somme to the north and Verdun to the east. What made it important was that it was a major railway interchange where troops would be transferred back and forth to the battle lines in between front line duty and periods of rest or to be hospitalised.

This meant that it came under regular enemy fire and even today the older buildings in the town show pock-marked battle scars where shells and bullets had picked away at the stones and the bricks.

You can read more about my visit to Vic-Sur-Aisne by clicking here.

Vic Sur Aisne Door

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23 responses to “Thursday Doors – Vic-Sur-Aisne in Northern France

  1. But it’s a gate! 🙂


  2. I love the high security doors, complete with burglar flap.


  3. Love the weathered texture of the first two, Andrew!


  4. A good set. I have always been fascinated by the quality of the French war memorials. You picked a good one


    • What always strikes me as tragic and illustrates the enormity of the wars is that every village has a war memorial and a military graveyard gruesomely disproportionate to the size of the village.

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      • Indeed. On one of my walks around Sigoules is a roadside stone memorial two two Frenchmen shot by Germans in the year I was born – that always got me reflecting on my good fortune


      • In a previous post I told the story of the graveyard at Ambleny, with 11,00 graves the largest military graveyard in Picardy which contains the graves of two French soldiers who were caught in civilian clothing in a bar and were shot as deserters to set an example to others. There was no such thing as PTSD in 1917. They were posthumously pardoned in 1923. I bet they were glad about that!

        Yes Derrick, we really are the lucky ones!

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  5. Great town. And your featured door has so much character and history behind it.

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  6. Just so you know Andrew, the rules are a bit lax for #ThursdayDoors: a *gate* IS a door of sorts, so it’s all good 😉
    Lovely shots..

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  7. That is one beat up door. Certainly looks like it has been through the war to me! Cute granddaughters. –Curt

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  8. You do visit some interesting villages..


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