Yorkshire – Flamborough Head and A Face in the Cliff

I Spy At The Seaside

I have mentioned before that when I was a boy I used to collect I-Spy books which were small paperback volumes that were popular in the 1950s and 1960s.  Each book covered a subject such as I-SPY Cars, I-SPY on the Pavement, I-SPY on a Train Journey, and so on and so on.

The object was to be vigilant and spot objects such as animals, trees, policemen, fire engines, sea shells etc. etc.  and they were recorded in the relevant book, and this gained points.  More points were available for the more difficult spots.  Once you had spotted everything and the book was complete, it could be sent to Big Chief I-SPY for a feather and an order of merit.

Why do I mention this here you ask?  Well, I-Spy books may well have been a bit of trivial pastime but I actually think that they were useful in developing an enquiring mind and even now I am always looking to I-Spy something interesting or different.

I spotted this at Flamborough Head – the face of a lady in the white chalk cliffs.  Can you see her?


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27 responses to “Yorkshire – Flamborough Head and A Face in the Cliff

  1. I-Spy books were a really great invention for kids, especially on a long car journey.
    Flamborough Head birdwatching is famous for Brett RIchards who logs the number of birds migrating at sea. Using a telescope and a big golf umbrella he is supposed to spend between 700-1000 hours there every year.


  2. Beautiful! And what an excellent hobby!


  3. I remember the I-Spy books and agree they developed our powers of observation.


  4. I never found half of the things the I-Spy books said I would… I do remember them well though.


  5. Can you still go to the top of the lighthouse? The stairs are terrifying, or at least they were when we went up some years ago. They wound their way up the inside of the lighthouse without any rail or anything to stop you falling down the well in the middle. Even then we were surprised Elf’n’safety allowed it.


  6. I loved the I Spy books as a child – never finished one though!


  7. I do indeed spy a face in the rock! Very pointy nose she has.

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  8. I saw the face but decided it was a Roman soldier, just look at the nose!


  9. And the locks hanging on her forehead.. 😉

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  10. That’s one impressive face, Andrew. As you know, I am always finding faces in rocks and trees and snags! Definitely the sign of an active imagination! And occasionally, warped. –Curt

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