Beverley Minster – The Musicians

Beverley Minster Musicians

The minster is famous for its carvings of medieval musical instruments. There are over 70 such carvings, illustrating instruments that are familiar to modern viewers, but also a variety of unusual medieval instruments. Among the carvings are depictions of bagpipes, flutes, pipes, organs, tambourines, shawms, cymbals, trumpets, lutes, and more.

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12 responses to “Beverley Minster – The Musicians

  1. That Benedictine Monk has a fascinating resemblance to someone we all know. Someone missed their calling.


  2. I remember being fascinated. 🙂 🙂

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  3. The idea of these historic instruments is fascinating

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  4. I love the guy playing two instruments at once, and the Mad March Hare. And the monk of course, though I thought he was an angelic choir boy 👦😉.


  5. Love it.. Not sure whose ancestors they are.. Mad Monks..

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  6. I really must visit Beverley Minster! Your photos are wonderful with so much detail!


  7. Great photos – carvings on old buildings show much more about our ancestors, mostly that they had a great sense of humour! It’s ages since I’ve been to Beverley… definitely deserves a revisit!


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