Travels in Portugal, Carvoeiro to Odeceixa

Bordeira Beach 02

We left Carvoeivo quite soon after breakfast.  We didn’t have a long journey ahead of us but we planned to stop a few times.  I had liked Carvoeivo, I wasn’t disappointed by the changes in the last thirty-five years but I was ready to move on.

The route took us past the busy cities of Portimão and Lagos but we stopped at neither pushing on instead to the resort town of Praia da Luz.  This is another in the string of old fishing villages that have turned to tourism to replace the tuna but what marks this one out is the incredible story of Madeleine McCann and it has become notoriously famous for the location of the alleged abduction and where a few English detectives, who probably can’t believe their luck at being assigned to the case, now spend their time on permanent vacation inventing new, ever improbable, leads that keeps them permanently sunning themselves at the  expense to the UK tax payer.  Every year when the funding is about to stop they come up with another unlikely lead which keeps them going for another twelve months.

Nothing will ever come of these pointless investigations until the parents Kate and Gerry finally have the courage to confess what they really know. No one knows who is protecting them from justice or why?

It is an untidy sort of place with nothing really to commend it, I stayed there with my family in 1994 but it really wasn’t worth a revisit.  I had high expectations of the next stop at the village of Burgau, I walked there from Luz twenty-five years ago and I remembered a dusty but charming fishing village with one shop and a single bar.



and now (same shop I note)…

Burgau Algarve

It was inevitable of course that I would be disappointed and sure enough there are several more shops and bars, the fishing boats have gone and the beach is covered in sun-beds and parasols.  We stayed for a while but declined to find somewhere for coffee and carried on driving west instead.


We should have skipped Praia da Luz and Burgau and visited the southernmost town of Sagres but we didn’t and I regret that and when we reached the far south-west we immediately turned north looking for a wild Atlantic beach.  We were driving now alongside the Southwest Alentejo and Vicentine Coast Natural Park and although we knew there were unspoilt beaches there it was difficult to find a way down to them.  I suppose this is the whole point of a protected area of land and coastline after all.

Eventually the road strayed close to the shoreline at a place called Bordeira so we left the main road and made our way through the dunes to a car park and a wide sandy beach.  Every now and again we come across somewhere that has the WOW factor and this turned out to be a very special beach and when I get around to reviewing my top ten stretches of pebbles and sand then Bordeira is certain to squeeze in there.

Bordeira Beach 01

We struggled across the soft surface of the dunes sinking ankle deep in the energy sapping sand until we reached a welcoming beach bar where we stopped for refreshment before walking some more close to the rough sea where surfers courageously rode the waves and then returning to the car and completing our journey to the seaside village of Odeceixa.

We arrived there about mid-afternoon and I was surprised just how many cars and camper vans were parked close to the beach.  This place was very popular.  We found the accommodation and lucky for us there was allocated parking.

I confess to being a little shocked, the room was in a local restaurant overlooking the beach, it was simple, it was basic, it needed decorating, it was remote and I immediately wondered if I had made a mistake and that three nights might be two too many.

After a walk to a local bar we spent the afternoon on the balcony of the room.  There was no denying that this was an idyllic location overlooking a wide sand beach which was busy but not overcrowded.  Almost all of the people on the sand and in the surf seemed to be families with young children and it seemed to me that everyone seemed to know how to look after it.

On the sand leave only footprints…

Leave Only Footprints

We allowed the afternoon to tip over into evening and we waited for the sunset to end when the burning sun dropped suddenly and finally into the sea, darkness fell and we enjoyed a fine meal in the restaurant, Kim had fish soup followed by Tuna steak and I had Algarve shrimps and grilled sardines.  We had walked four miles today.

There was no modern air-conditioning system in the room so we slept with the windows open with the gentle sound of the sea and the tide as a lullaby which was much nicer than the monotone hum of an electric motor.

Odeceixa Sunset

25 responses to “Travels in Portugal, Carvoeiro to Odeceixa

  1. One day you’ll have to go back for Sagres! But I’m glad you found Odeceixe 🙂 🙂 Where next? Lost track- you may still be in Corfu.

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  2. One day they’ll solve Madeleine McCann. Somebody will come forward, perhaps thirty or forty years from now with the truth, perhaps even on his or her deathbed.
    After all, lots of other mysteries get solved. I can remember the mother of ten in Northern Ireland being murdered and nobody would say where she was buried, but she’s been found now, after forty years. Likewise any number of bombers and murderers were revealed in the recent TV series on the Troubles.
    And people do come back after decades of being kidnapped away from their families, especially in the USA.

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  3. Gosh, Andrew, you have a very strong opinion on the Madeline McCann Case! Whatever happened to innocent until proved guilty?

    I try not to believe what I read in the press or watch in the so-called true documentaries. I strive to keep an open mind on this, and even thinking about the poor child is heart wrenching, but whatever the truth may be I hope it comes out soon.

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  4. A sad reminder of a sad case

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  5. Are there really English detectives still working on the case out there? So interesting. I really do hope the poor girl gets some justice some day.


  6. oh I am so glad that eventually you rediscovered all that is great about the Algarve . . .your village reviews reinforces why we never go west. However I do want to reach the far west, and by the sounds of your first night that is something we should definitely do this winter.


  7. Madeleine McCann reminds me of Jon-Benet Ramsay, the six-year old blond dancer who was murdered in Boulder Colorado in the 90s. They found her body immediately afterwards but never who killed her. She has been grist for the tabloids ever since. They probably still trot her out on a slow day. –Curt


  8. Stunning final picture! And Kim atop the post just fitting your banner is splendid. I don’t understand the millions thrown at the McCann case compared to other disappearances either, but I don’t have your certainty about what happened. At the very least, though, leaving small children alone in an apartment is culpable.


  9. I loved reading your story and when I see your pictures, I wish I could also find myself there
    Astonished that you have sunk so deep into the sand just by walking on it


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