Travels in Portugal, Boxes

In the Algarve the local council has come up with a good way to stop graffiti – they get there first with street art.  These electrical supply boxes are painted and suffer no vandalism.  How clever…

Portugal Boxes

Inspiration for this post came from my blogging pal Jo


23 responses to “Travels in Portugal, Boxes

  1. Thank you, kind sir 🙂 🙂 I see one I missed!


  2. They do similar things on Cote d’Azur


  3. They are such fun aren’t they!


  4. The practice has spread (to or from I can’t say). We saw the same thing in Porto and in Mulhouse this year.


  5. Smart and decorative both.


  6. And very good they look!


  7. I’d take Street Art over grafitti any day!


  8. I’m not sure where that one of the local councils in Melbourne does the same.


  9. What a fabulous idea!


  10. They are so colourful.. I quite like graffiti art tho’.


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