Travels in Portugal, The Algarve on an Electricity Supply Box

A week or so ago I added a post about decorated electricity supply boxes.  This was a clever double box with a map of the Algarve region…

Algarve Map Silves Electricity Boxes

More of my Favourite Boxes, click on an image to scroll through the Gallery…

Astonishing how successful this is in preventing graffiti and to illustrate the point here is one that they missed…



13 responses to “Travels in Portugal, The Algarve on an Electricity Supply Box

  1. Some of these are really imaginative! I’ve seen some in France but they’re generally camouflaged to blend in with their surroundings.


  2. I’m sure I’ve seen “Daz” in Nottingham Bus Station, and on some of the buses. Painting empty spaces is a good idea though. I always wonder what becomes of the most talented ones, like the “One Eyed Psycho Bloke in Blue”.


  3. I notice it ever so often in my travels, Andrew. And I always appreciate the effort. It seems to me that communities are becoming more and more likely to decorate things like electric boxes. My favorite: a tossup between the donkey and the rooster. –Curt


  4. I love these, I think it’s a great way of brightening up something that would otherwise be just functional but dull and at least it discourages graffiti. My favourites are the donkey and the big cat 🙂


  5. Maybe I should do that in my area to brighten the roadsides..


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