Thursday Doors, Balcony Doors of Naples

Naples Balcony 1

Naples Balcony 2

Naples Balcony 3

7 responses to “Thursday Doors, Balcony Doors of Naples

  1. “Don’t just do it, B&Q it”.

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  2. Some wonderful old doors…seen better days,..

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  3. Doors, I love them, great photos Andrew. Doors can give such an intimate picture of people living behind them, or not. A great post!


  4. Love these.. Have been thinking about the plastic door theory and am incensed.. quite sad really.. But if you prohibit now bottled water, cups, earbuds as in France plastic factories have to start making other things.. ;-(


  5. Oy. I’m not sure I’d feel comfortable standing on any of those balconies. They don’t appear to be built for standing, but so far that’s not stopped me on other balconies! ha ha


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